100 Days of A11y

Day 22: Implementing ATAG

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Despite what my study calendar says, today was my last day spent fully focusing on the Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG). I'll be spending the weekend experimenting with a couple assistive technologies (AT), learning and practicing some accessible code, and reviewing some of my notes for standards I've learned. ATAG has been fairly easy to understand, and will likely be even easier to implement once I have a chance to put it to practice this winter.

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What I learned today

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There is no way I'll remember all that I read today or even be able to sum up the wealth of information offered, but I rely on the fact that there is additional technical information to aid in meeting the success criteria of ATAG via Implementing ATAG 2.0. This parallel documentation (notes) adds intent, examples, and related resources to help a developer make better accessibility choices.

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I've been really impressed with many of the articles on 24 Accessibility that have been published this month. If you haven't had a chance to read any of those articles, do it! So much good information covering a variety of topics within web accessibility. You're missing out if you haven't tapped into the expertise that's been made available all throughout the month of December.