100 Days of A11y

Day 53: Users with Cognitive Disabilities

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Users with cognitive disabilities can include a wide scope of people, including autism, Down syndrome, Alzheimer's, and ADHD. Persons in this category may have trouble concentrating, experience a neurophysiological disability, or struggles with a level of intellectual disability. People with cognitive disabilities may use some of the same strategies that people with reading difficulties use in order to navigate the web. Additionally, some people in this group may use assistive technology that assists with writing on the web.

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Things to consider as a web developer/designer when trying to include this category of disability:

This population is larger than those with all other physical and sensory disabilities combined, and yet it's harder to use a universal solution for everyone within this group (due to the scope of abilities categorized within this group).

Memory and organization are two big challenges that this group has to overcome on a daily basis.