100 Days of A11y

Day 41: Coding a Custom Modal

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Thing I accomplished

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Started coding a custom modal to experience for myself what effort has to go into it, and solidify what keyboard interactions and ARIA. It's far from fully accessible (or even pretty), but I've started work on CodePen, for those curious about how I'm working:

See the Pen Accessible Modal by Amy (@digilou) on CodePen.

If the embed doesn't work, you can view my Accessible Modals on CodePen

Note: By the time some of you read this post, my project may be complete, yet others will see that focus has not been properly delegated to the inside of the modal and tabbing has not be restricted to stay within the modal.

What I learned today

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What have I learned from this just in the hour I spent today?

Resources I leaned heavily on today

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