Chalk question mark.

Day 36: Questions to Ask throughout the Product Life Cycle

Today wrapped up my research for the week about integrating accessibility into a product’s life cycle. I ended with reviewing what a product’s life cycle looks like, and how everyone can play a role during each phase to ensure accessibility is considered throughout development, rather than an afterthought.

Things I accomplished

What I learned today

Stages of a product’s lifecycle with accessibility questions to ask at each stage:

  • concept: does it solve a problem for people with disabilities? what are the different user needs?
  • requirements: what accessibility standards/laws does it need to follow?
  • design: do the mockups create any barriers?
  • prototyping: does the prototype create any perceivable, operable, or understandable errors?
  • development: is the code following standards? are appropriate patterns being used?
  • quality assurance (QA): are automated and manual accessibility checks being run?
  • user acceptance testing (UAT): does this product work for real users with disabilities?
  • regression testing: when updates are made, are checks still passing?

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