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Day 8: WCAG Understandable

It’s Friday! And I’ve managed to balance my time just enough to dedicate to study for a week straight. I’m trying not to bounce around too far afield, so I’m back at studying WCAG, acknowledging I’m past the halfway point.

At this point, I’m gaining a lot more confidence in myself and the hope of passing this test. I should interject that I’ve been actively learning about web accessibility over the past year and a half just through Googling, applying that mindset to every project I touch, and listening to accessibility experts.

Things I accomplished

What I learned today

  • No guidelines or success criteria were appended to the Understandable principle within the WCAG 2.1 update.
  • I’ve found that many of these success criteria are well-applied across the web. At least in web projects I’ve collaborated on.
  • I found one app on my iPhone that is inaccessible, but at least they tell on themselves in a “secret message for screen readers” and recommend a different app. (Spoiler: it’s Libby, and they recommend using Overdrive instead)

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