ADS Exam Preparation Begins

Ok, here we go…

This week is my first full week of preparation for the Accessible Document Specialist (ADS) certification exam.

Points of Strengths & Weaknesses

As mentioned at the end of Time for a Third Certification, I stated I needed to identify strengths and weaknesses within topics listed in the ADS Body of Knowledge.

Areas I am currently comfortable with:

  • Design, create, and assemble the final form documents that meet the needs of people with different types of disabilities
  • Implement alternative text or text equivalents in a remediation context
  • Review and correct structure
  • Remediate in final format
  • Remediate in authoring format
  • Use OCR (Optical Character Recognition/Text Character Recognition)
  • Identify and run automated testing processes to evaluate the conformance to standard
  • Identify and run manual testing processes to evaluate the conformance to standard
  • Identify the limitations of automated testing
  • Create related reference guides and other instructional materials as needed
  • Assist in the development of online and/or face-to-face trainings on digital accessibility topics for staff who create content
  • Identify and provide training opportunities and resources
  • Provide support related to accessibility

Areas I would like to work on:

  • Write accessible inclusive content
  • Perform tests with assistive technologies
  • Develop a workflow to streamline related processes, including web requests, document submissions, remediation, and approvals
  • Document production plan for moving forward
  • Identify automated processes that result in inaccessible documents
  • Advise staff on organizational policy and best practices for creating accessible electronic documents
  • Consult others about current relevant policies, regulations, standards, and practical aspects of accessibility as related to documents, audio and video files, and other web-based postings

My Roadmap

My goal is to prepare within a 6-week period. Here is my study outline, based on the ADS Body of Knowledge’s outline:

  1. Week 1: Creating Electronic Documents
  2. Week 2: Remediation Electronic Documents
  3. Week 3: Auditing and Testing Document Accessibility
  4. Week 4: Document Accessibility Planning and Training, part 1
  5. Week 5: Document Accessibility Planning and Training, part 2
  6. Week 6: Policy Promotion, Advocacy, and Advising
  7. Week 7: Review + Exam

I still haven’t decided if I will share my learning on a daily or weekly basis. Given the small window of time, I will likely publish my notes and thoughts on a weekly basis. Postings also depend on what I learn and how quickly I get through guided learning.

Preparation Resources

To make the most out of my study time, I’ll be relying on the following resources:

  • ADS Body of Knowledge with its included resources (thanks IAAP!)
  • Deque’s Document Accessibility coursework (thanks Deque!)
  • LinkedIn Learning coursework, particularly Chad Chelius’s stuff (thanks Juneau Public Library!)
  • Chax Chat podcast for ins-and-outs and just plain fun (thanks Dax & Chad!)
  • Tagged PDF (thanks Kenny!)

If you have any learning or reference resources you use or recommend, please leave a comment here for the rest of us to check them out!