Time for a Third Certification

The last quarter of 2021 is upon us. I need to make plans for where I want to be in 2022. That includes a third certification from IAAP.

At the beginning of 2021, I took the leap to run my own accessibility consultation service. I offered web accessibility consultation, auditing, and remediation. Additionally, I consulted on document accessibility, as well as remediated documents.

Despite many people I know who dislike touching PDFs, if they don’t have to, I get satisfaction from making a PDF more accessible. Maybe it’s the technical and methodical work I like. Or maybe it’s that I’m tired of disabled friends (and myself) encountering too many inaccessible documents. I refuse to lose a battle with a PDF.

Throughout this year, I kept up my document accessibility knowledge and experience I’d obtained through my previous job. I learned more as I ran into harder questions. Document remediation can be hard!

I’m ready to get even better at it. I want to answer more of those hard questions I receive. I want to get faster. And I want to create solutions not only for my clients, but for other people working in this field.

Starting today, I’m taking my first step in a journey toward leveling up my digital accessibility skills. Once again, I’ll be studying for an IAAP exam: Accessible Document Specialist (ADS). And I will take that exam before the year is over.

I’m getting a head start by following IAAP’s helpful preparation list:

  1. Read and review the Content Outline (check!)
  2. Review the Body of Knowledge and learning objectives as they relate to the Content Outline (check!)
  3. Identify topics and areas where you have strong knowledge and confidence. (to-do)
  4. Identify topics and areas where you will spend time reading, researching, and studying. (to-do)
  5. Plan to spend 5-10 hours a week for 6-8 weeks to prepare for your exam. (check!)
  6. Map out the topics and how you will study. (to-do)
  7. Choose your preparation resources. (to-do)
  8. Launch your study plan. (to-do)
  9. Apply for, register, and pay for your certification exam in the Exam Window where you plan to sit for the exam. (to-do)
  10. Take your IAAP Certification Exam. (to-do)

I don’t know who put that checklist together, but it is greatly appreciated, and I am here for it. Also, a huge thanks to all the folks who contributed to the creation of this certification. It’s a big deal.

Whether you’re just starting your document accessibility journey or working toward ADS certification, you can follow along with my daily study notes, based on IAAP’s ADS Body of Knowledge [PDF].

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have areas of strengths and weaknesses to identify.

Wish me luck!

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