Day 16: ARIA States and Properties, Part 2

Today I went over more ARIA States and Properties. Honestly, I’m still feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to learn all these, but I’m not going to get too stuck on memorization at this point. I’ll find ways in my future studies to come back to these when I’m actually applying them, where necessary when HTML gaps are present.

Things I accomplished

  • Noted all the states and properties in my Google spreadsheet, trying to get a better handle on what they are, how they are related, and which are not native to HTML5.

What I learned today

  • 22 out of the 48 attributes are not currently native to HTML5 (according to the Using ARIA draft documentation).
  • In my Part 1 post, I didn’t account for duplicates across categories. Instead of there being 67 attributes, there are 48.

I still have so much to learn…

Cool finds