Day 15: ARIA States and Properties, Part 1

Though there is still much for me to learn about ARIA roles, I’ve moved onto States and Properties of ARIA. ARIA is definitely challenging my ability to stay above water when it comes to information overload. Only 1 hour spent wading through information today.

Things I accomplished

  • Read through part of the States and Properties section.

What I learned today

  • States and properties are “aria-” prefixed attributes describing the object.
  • A key difference between the two: state values change frequently, unlike most property values.
  • There are 21 global states and properties, meaning they are supported by all roles and base markup elements.
  • Additionally, 46 more states and properties are broken down into four categories:
    1. widget: receives user input and process user actions; 24 attributes
    2. live region: updates content without user focus; 4 attributes
    3. drag-and-drop: identifies draggable elements and drop targets; 2 attributes
    4. relationship: clarifies associations between elements; 16 attributes

Cool finds